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Young Builders Roofing offers a complete materials and installation warranty. We install, using our own personnel, products which are UL approved and meet all City, State and Federal requirements.

We take great pride in installing quality foam roof systems and have served Arizona for nearly 50 years. We consider it our responsibility to make certain our clients are aware of the need for roof inspection and maintenance.

With proper maintenance, The DURAGARD Roofing System can last three to four times longer than the original warranty.

The Systems Warranty is the most important item to verify on a roofing proposal. It is provided by the contractor and should cover more than just roof leaks. It should cover labor, materials and workmanship in addition to roof leaks.

A roof loses about 1.7 mils of coating per year. Even at the end of your warranty, the roof should have 15 mils of coating left, preventing the roof from oxidizing. This provides a suitable surface for recoating. With this thickness you will be able to extend the warranty date before you need to recoat.

The coating warranty should be stated in mils and gallons per square (100sf), 3gal/sf for a 10-year warranty. Look for these on the proposal. If it is less, you may want to contact the material supplier for recommendations on coating thickness on a 10-year warranty. Material suppliers should have their product tested by Underwriters Laboratories and have follow-up service.

With the right preparation, foam roofs can be overlayed with new foam. They don't necessarily have to be torn off and removed. Removal areas may include roof drains, scuppers and areas of previous repairs or deteriorated plywood.

The contractor should also provide a follow-up inspection service at certain points during the warranty period; 4 for a 10 year warranty. They should also have proof of liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance.

This is a warranty you can feel secure with and after the warranty you can put on an additional 1-1/2 gallons of coating per 100sf and extend the warranty an additional 5 years covering the same items as the original warranty.

We recognize that today you have many choices when it comes to selecting contractors. We want to thank you for the trust you have placed in Young Builders Roofing.

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